Monday, January 12, 2009

primero dia

i am using a spanish keyboard and haven´t mastered the key positions yet, so this may look a little different. our flight was fine, just late. i finally got to my room around 11:30. the hotel boutique jade is very nice and quite modern. my room is large and very comfortable. a few things don´t work ´(safe, toilet, water, wake up call), but only minor inconvenience. my driver from the hotel told me that he lives near alueja, the location of earthquake tremors and that several things in his house are broken. all his family is safe, however. our conversation was in spanish so i may have missed a few things. people here are very willing to accommodate and very pleasant. the driver also told me that the economy here is affective by things in the u.s. which of course seems logical. tourism is down a bit.

we met for breakfast at 6:45 which was painful, but their excellent coffee helped. after a tasty breakfast we had orientation and then off to the spanish language school. we´re all really impressed. after evaluations we were grouped and there are 4 of us with a very good teacher. we reviewed present tense verbs this morning and spent the afternoon in conversation. it´s tiring. i know now how sophie felt after a long day at uhs and she was trying to learn content as well as practice english. tomorrow it´s preterite.

dinner together, homework time, and early to bed. my internal clock is screaming! oh, yes, one more thing....the weather was nearly perfecto. 70s, light breeze. lo siento for those in colder climes.

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