Saturday, January 10, 2009

Safe, Dry, and Warm

January 10, 2009
I jokingly use this as my travel criteria. After sorting, purchasing, assembling, re-sorting, removing, charging (electronics), and evaluating travel necessities, the joke gets better. Today I'm finalizing my 'bits' and it's no easy task. The clothes were easy, and I'm taking mostly things I could leave, or lose, but the bits present monumental challenges. We'll see if they are as important and necessary as they seem this afternoon.

Scheduling arrangements for the last week on my own proved interesting. I attempted to do it all through the internet and got some rooms on Expedia. The Elderhostel changed our last night in CR from a hotel near the airport and the Doka Coffee Plantation to a downtown hotel, so I opted not to stay the extra night there before heading the the Pacific Coast. Then things got interesting with the hotel and airline. I think all is settled now.

I don't know the implications of the earthquake, but Hal emailed today that their friends experienced some major inconvenience while visiting near Poaz and La Paz. I think that area might be off my to do list. Roads may be affected throughout the country.

Rod has been so helpful, and patient. Today he is assisting with such chores as opening package locks, batteries, and camera memory cards to cutting out the UPC code on a new photo printer. I wish he could join me, but he will be in a very busy month at work. Plus, what would Mia do? I have visions of their eating all kinds of junk food together and napping on the couch a lot.

We saw Gran Torino last night which was very powerful, but led to some weird dreams of driving across the country in Tom and Mary Ann's van, probably on the run from some undesireables. You will understand when you see Clint in action. Tonight we plan to see the Mocs basketball game tonight which hopefully will not lead to nightmares.

Hope I am able to continue postings from CR and that you enjoy them, or at least find time to read them. Apologies now for spelling errors. Let's see how this works....ROAD TRIP!


  1. Buena suerte Abuelita Juanita!
    Un abrazo fuerte,
    La Familia Fleming